Sakai Takayuki Sanpou Chef Knife - 210mm

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We are happy to introduce the new Sanpo series from Sakai Takayuki in Osaka, Japan. It’s named after the location of our smith and means “three treasures“, an originally Buddhist name. For us, the three treasures are steel, fire, and water, key ingredients for 600 years of Sakai knives. With this new line we keep the fire burning and pass on the essence of Sakai Takayuki DNA to the next generation.

Hitachi White 2 steel 210mm Gyuto with mild steel cladding, completely forged and ground in house at Sakai Takayuki by a young generation of craftsmen. 

Octagonal Wenge handle.

Weight 200grams

Height at heel 49mm

Thickness at heel 3mm

Total length 355mm

Blade length 215mm

Edge length 200mm

White 2 steel with mild steel cladding

61 to 62 HRC


 The best sharpening tools for Japanese knives are leather strops and fine whetstones.

Japanese chef knives are brittle and are designed for cutting soft tissue foods. High Carbon steel chef knives can rust if not kept dry.