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knife sharpening knife sharpening knife sharpening

knife sharpening

is our specialty.

7 distinct services to choose from.

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mail-in sharpening made easy.

Skip the line, try our convenient and reliable way to get your knives sharpened by certified experts!

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why should i get my knives sharpened?

Sharp knives are more efficient, requiring less energy to cut.

Sharp knives are easier to control and cause fewer injuries.

Knives that cut well are more fun to use.

Dull knives require more force causing unnecessary wear.


“Sent a utility knife and my best Japanese knife for sharpening… they did not disappoint”

Posted by Dan V. on 29th Jun 2023

— additional services —

blade restoration

Our professional cutlers will bring your old rusty antique knives back to life.

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Blade Repair & Thinning

This service removes material from the sides of the blade and then we re-polish the surface to a factory shine finish.

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Takeda Repair

Takeda knives are wonderful but for many they are difficult to resharpen. Damage to Takeda blades requires the experience and skill of a master sharpener.

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Fujiwara Regrind

Due to the overwhelming demand to make perfectly good knives even better, we offer our Teruyasu Fujiwara knife cosmetic regrind service.

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What Sets Us Apart

“It's like a wand shop for kitchen wizards.”— Customer

  • Skills

    District Cutlery offers the best knife sharpening in DC because our team is made up of professional cutlers who practice daily. We've sharpened over 1 million different knives by hand since 2012. Check out our before and after work @districtcutlery

  • Trust

    If your knives matter to you, then your knives matter to us. We've earned the trust of thousands of enthusiastic knife owners and professional chefs because we approach each knife differently. Our goal is to maximize the performance of your knives and our reputation has been built on achieving that goal.

  • Service

    The skills that make us the best also make us faster. Walk-in customers can usually wait for their knives while taking in the sights and sounds of the Union Market District. Our mail-service customers can expect their knives back in the mail within 24 hours after we receive and inspect them.

Our team


What's the best way to pack?

Clean and wrap your knives carefully and pack them tightly so they do not move around in the box. Most people use towels or multiple sheets of newspaper. There are many right ways to pack them, but a few wrong ways too; common sense will ensure safety. Here's a visual guide showing one good way to wrap your knives, courtesy of our friends at Town Cutler

Request a free packing kit in the order comment section for orders over $100.

What's the turnaround time?

Most orders are completed and placed in outgoing mail within 24 hours. Shipping times to and from vary by the carrier and service of your choice. Our default return service is USPS Priority Mail, but upgrades are available during the checkout process.

What if my knife is excessively damaged?

We specialize in blade repair and have resurrected the most lost causes. Check out or IG @Districtcutlery to see before and after pics. Repairs by mail can be arranged from the Additional Services section near the bottom of this page.

For handle repair and replacement we can refer you to specialists we trust. Western style riveted handle replacement jobs are labor intensive and start at $250.

Do you offer special pricing on orders of 50+ knives?

Yes, contact to establish a commercial account.

Bulk Discounts automatically deducted at checkout:

  • 10% discount on 6-10 knives per order.
  • 20% discount 10+ knives per order.
  • 30% Discount 20+ knives per order.

Do you sharpen anything else besides knives?

We specialize in sharpening salon styling shears. Customers have trusted us for years with their expensive Japanese shears. You can make arrangements for those here. We frequently sharpen kitchen scissors, axe blades and pruning shears. You can purchase those services on our walk-in service page if you want to mail them in.