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Carter Cutlery

Murray Carter of Carter Cutlery in Oregon is an ABS Master Bladesmith and the 17th-generation Yoshimoto bladesmith, the only westerner to ever receive a formal title in Japan for the craft.  Murray forges the purest and highest quality steel from Japan with strict adherance to the traditional Japanese knifemaking methods, including use of a pine charcoal forge and annealing in rice straw ashes. Carter knives are renowned for their cutting performance, edge retention, and being easy to sharpen.  Few people can achieve the metallurgical results that Murray can achieve with Hitatchi White #1 steel, allowing him to create thin blades that are incredibly strong.

We have travelled to Japan with Murray Carter and seen firsthand the respect he holds with Japan's master craftsmen.  We personally believe Murray's knives are without rival, and offer complimentary sharpening on all Carter knives sold on our website.



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