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Knife Knowledge AMA Consultation

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15 minute session via phone or zoom, or pics/specs via email.

We created this service in response to an overwhelming amount of inquiries relating to misinformation about knives posted on online forums and reddit. 

This service is also for customers who would like additional information about products we sell such as additional photographs, measurements, etc. Purchase this service for detailed sharpening instruction, but understand that sharpening is a practice and we cannot guarantee your success. 

We make knives.

We sharpen knives.

We fix knives.

We represent the best small manufacturers.

We are a leading official dealer the best major brands.

See the pics in this listing? We have invested in learning from the best knife-makers in the industry.

You can take the advice of other consumers or you can get the real deal from us.

Ever see the bumper sticker "QUESTION AUTHORITY"?

That's us, the AUTHORITY on knives.

We welcome your questions.