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Tsunehisa Knives

Two-Piece Utility Knife Set - Tsunehisa Damascus Honesuki & Tojiro Petty

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This 2-piece utility knife set is the ultimate complement to your main chef knife!

The Tsunehisa line of knives are hand-made in Tosa, Japan, by a small team of skilled craftsmen.

Honesuki (pronounced hone-skee) knives are great for trimming chickens and fish, but wide enough for small tasks on the cutting board.

The blades are 17-layer damascus-clad VG10 stainless steel.

The handles are pakka wood scales riveted to a full tang for even balance.

Tojiro's powdered steel is forged strong enough to cut other metals. If you're looking for a knife that holds an edge for a long time, look no further. These blades are some of the hardest we carry in our shop, meaning maximum edge retention and durability.

Tojiro's Eco-Wood handle is crafted with resin-infused sustainable material designed to withstand age-related shrinkage.

Professional grade.

Blade length: 135mm

The best sharpening tools for Japanese knives are leather strops and fine whetstones.

Japanese chef knives are brittle and are designed for cutting soft tissue foods. High Carbon steel chef knives can rust if not kept dry.