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Town Cutler Knives

Town Cutler eXo Blue Chef Knife 8.5"

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The "workhorse" and must-have knife for any home or professional kitchen, chef knives are designed to perform well at many different kitchen tasks. Our chef knives are center-weighted and balance thinness and precision, with durability and strength. If you only have one knife in your kitchen, this better be it.

Our most popular size with professional and home cooks, the 8.5” blade length is a size most people are familiar with whether they use Western or Japanese style chef knives. The length of the blade can handle larger projects, as easily as it can be used for everyday cutting. You'll appreciate the handmade craftsmanship and beautiful design every time you use it.


  • Crafted for every cooking style with effortless maintenance and high performance
  • Easy to maintain blades due to the Cerakote-finish
  • Multi-purpose use perfect for the majority of kitchen-cutting tasks
  • Long lasting razor sharp 8.5" edge
  • Ideal size for many different kitchen tasks & users
  • Designed to balance thinness, strength, and precision
  • 50:50 bevel grind
  • Micarta handle for a secure and comfortable grip
  • Made in the USA
  • Free sharpening

Strength and Simplicity, in Perfect Balance. High performance and effortless maintenance.

Introducing eXo Blue, a new collection of high-quality, American-made kitchen knives designed to offer superior durability and resilience without compromising on performance. These knives are perfect for everyday cooking and frequent use, thanks to their modern features and hassle-free maintenance. Crafted with Cerakote-finished blades and micarta handles, eXo Blue is designed with durability and practicality in mind. The Cerakote-finish adds an extra layer of protection to the steel, making these knives incredibly strong and resistant to damage, while the micarta handles are built to withstand wear and provide a secure and comfortable grip. With its minimalist and practical design, eXO Blue provides simplicity, style, performance, and effortless maintenance.

A minimalist knife of understated elegance.

Made by Town Cutler, made in Reno NV.