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Drop your knives off at our shop inside Union Market (, where turnaround time is often as little as one hour depending on the queue. No appointments necessary. Drop-off services are also available at Annie's Ace Hardware (

Don’t live in the area? Mail your items to us

District Cutlery at Union Market

1309 5th Street NE

 Washington DC 20002

Return postage will be added to your final bill.



Tuesday-Friday 11 am to 7 pm

Saturday-Sunday 10 am to 7 pm





A well-crafted knife can last for generations. DC Sharp handles yours with the care and attention it deserves. The professional cutlers at DC Sharp practice the centuries-old tradition of hand-sharpening using Japanese waterstones and modern techniques we’ve perfected through years of experience.


Our approach guarantees that your treasured knife is returned sharper than originally produced, with the minimal amount of metal removed to extend the life of the blade. We address blade geometry, steel type and usage, and handle every knife with respect and care. Bring us your dull, rusted, bent, chipped and twisted blades, and we’ll make them better than when you bought them. We’ll even make that Hattori Hanzo sing.


DC Sharp is the only high-performance knife shop in the Washington, DC metropolitan area that specializes in sharpening Japanese single-bevel, chisel-ground blades.


We stock your favorite Japanese, German, and American brands, accessories and gifts, including knife rolls, sharpening stones, cases and chef tools.