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Miyabi Knives

Miyabi Black 5" Prep Knife

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The Miyabi Black 5000MCD is a true work of art. The blade is constructed of micro-carbide powdered MC66 steel, which is ice-hardened to an impressive 66 HRC. This results in an exceptionally sharp and lasting edge. The blade is wrapped in 132 additional layers of steel, resulting in a beautiful flower damascus pattern.The handle of the Miyabi Black series is made from unique wood, black ash. The grain and color of the black ash contrasts with the damascus of the blade. The handle is crafted in a traditional "D" shape, providing optimal ergonomics for fatigue-free cutting in the kitchen.Handcrafted in Seki, Japan.

  • Blade consists of 133 layers of steel, resulting in a floral damascus pattern
  • MC66 MicroCarbide steel is hardened to 66 HRC
  • D-shaped handle made from stunning black ash
  • Hand crafted in Seki, Japan
  • Blade hardness (HRC):  65-67 HRC
  • Net weight:  0.22 lbs
  • Length of product:  7.95 in
  • Width of product:  0.67 in
  • Height of product:  1.61 in
  • Blade length:  5.12 in
  • Handle length:  4.13 in
  • Handle width:  0.67 in
  • Blade width:  0.08 in
  • Blade thickness:  0.08 in

Japanese chef knives are brittle and the blades can chip if not handled carefully. High Carbon steel chef knives can rust and corrode if not dried promptly and kept dry.