Mail-in Sharpening Services

Posted by Derek on 7th Mar 2022

Purchasing a new knife from District Cutlery is now a great opportunity to get your other knives sharpened, Getting a new knife usually makes our customers realize how dull their other knives have gotten. We are offering 25% off knife sharpening service as an incentive to reuse the packaging we ship your new knife in.

When you purchase a new knife from us, we'll send you a discount code to use at checkout when you purchase our Mail-In Sharpening Services. When your new knife arrives, save the box and packing material. When you are ready you can carefully wrap and pack your older dull knives in the box and send them to us. We'll have them back in the mail within no more than a couple of days (usually 24 hours) and when you get them back they will be good as new.

Even better, the coupon code can be compounded on top of bulk discounts already available with our mail in service, for savings of over 50%!

This service is not only limited to knives. We sharpen scissors and small garden tools as well.