Chef Knife Sharpening Donation - Help a Local Cook

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Thousands of local chefs were recently laid off due to the virus. These people are important customers of ours and if we will do all we can to help them.

Help us help them by donating a chef knife sharpening job to a local  cook, so their tools are ready to go back to work when they are.

Maybe you recently had an unforgettable meal at a DC restaurant? Taste a little extra love in that food? Return the favor.

Purchase our "Chef Knife Sharpening Donation" for $10, and write the name of the restaurant in the order comments. A cook from that restaurant will be able to redeem it upon their next visit for knife sharpening, and we'll let them know you picked up their tab.

Feel free to specifically name a cook/chef in the order comments, otherwise we can coordinate with the restaurant.

Larger knives typically cost $14-$16 for sharpening, but we are picking up the difference.

Thank you and stay well,

Derek & Ryan