Aura Two Chef Knife

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In addition to having your knife performance tuned before it ships, you will received a coupon for complimentary re-sharpening of your knife (a $12-$50 value)

Each Aura One is crafted from the finest available materials. Rare Californian burl wood hand-selected for its isotropic grain. White turquoise or black onyx precious gemstones used as  counterweights for perfect balance. And Aura Stainless steel for peerless edge retention and strength.

It took years of research to create Aura Stainless steel. Crafted in over 30 steps, our new blade steel provides phenomenal sharpness and edge retention for professional cooking.

A unique satin finish, developed hand-in-hand with chefs, is designed to reduce glare from overhead kitchen light and provides an optically color-neutral surface for precise knifework.

The signature 3D handle delivers unmatched precision for fine cooking. Sculpted dyed maple with mosaic pins sits comfortably in the hand, providing chefs with unmistakable feedback on the knife's position in space. 

The contoured bolster, large finger trowel and sculpted tang provide ample leverage for strong pull, push and rocking cuts in the kitchen.

The new Aura One blade is longer but lighter and thinner than its predecessors, thanks to the strength of Aura Stainless steel. The result a generous 9.5-inch working blade that still feels nimble in the hand.

The Aura One features a progressively rockered edge: an advanced geometry developed over 4 years of Aura research to deliver strong push cuts with smooth rebound, reducing fatigue in long cooking shifts.

A 5-degree, swept heel places more working knife edge under the chef's hand where power and control are maximized.

The result is more powerful and precise cuts with greater feel and less fatigue:  push-cuts finish with more power and slicing-cuts are initiated with more control.

Japanese chef knives are brittle and are designed for cutting soft tissue foods. High Carbon steel chef knives can rust if not kept dry.